Characteristics of a haute couture garment Part2

For haute couture so it is always to tailor, handmade garments.

But even if a garment meets all of these criteria, it may still not call Haute Couture. There is in fact required that the designers or fashion houses are members of the elite fashion association of Paris. Fashion houses who have once given permission to sell their fashion as couture fashion, keep this law in no way forever. For every new season, the fashion houses have to apply for it to get this right again.

In order to be able to real Haute Couture sell clothes, must be as the headquarters of the fashion company in Paris, in the studio must have at least 15 people work full employment and there at least 35 different articles of clothing must be designed (including evening dresses) by the designer and sewn by hand per season. In addition, the individual pieces must be presented at the couture fashion shows in Paris the public and the press. As these criteria can not always be met by all designers or fashion houses, there is also the famous fashion houses not in every year real haute couture – even if it is in their fashion garments is the highest tailoring.