Optimal Period between Supplies

Many trading companies set before themselves the task to reduce logistics costs, namely in transportation, caused by frequent trips to / from a supplier, which results in freezing working capital in surplus stocks to be stored at a warehouse with no need in them for certain period of time. This situation is a consequence of choosing a non-optimal batch ordered from a supplier. Below we suggest our vision onto how one should calculate, plan and manage supplies and, first of all, how one should determine the volume of ordered commodities

Solving Transportation Problems in MS Excel

There is a special type of linear programming problems within operations research through transportation problems (models). Transportation problems of this type describe movement (transportation) of a cargo from dispatch (starting, for example – production location) to destination (warehouse, store, terminal) point

Application of АВС Analysis While Providing the Inventory Stock Management Policy in Retail

It is no secret that inventory stock is the major resource for any trading business. Quality of management of inventory stock affects all other indicators at a trading company. Many a retailer has customer service standards and merchandizing rules formalized, while fail to formalize and come true inventory stock management techniques. Further we propose a method to manage inventory stock by means of the ‘dual’ АВС-analysis

How Much Is Free Freight Worth?

In this article, we're going to examine a process that will let you determine whether or not placing a free-freight order is a good buy. As you will see, sometimes you can maximize your profitability by paying the freight

Master Classes from 3e Team

3e consultants regularly hold master classes devoted to different applicable subjects within logistics and allied managerial domains. Below we list titles and contents of master classes to be held soon


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